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About Us

Valanti - A Strong Legacy Of Craftsmanship

Devoted to style and fashion with a strong legacy of craftsmanship, Valanti has been manufacturing leather shoes of excellence for decades. With epochs of artistry, expertise, design knowledge, and experience, Valanti is the leading manufacturer of custom leather goods in Pakistan/Worldwide delivering exceptional custom shoes with the highest caliber of workmanship. Our expert artisans have devotedly worked to carve out the finest collection of Pakistan footwear for those looking for classic style with modern technique. We make sure to represent the tradition of craftsmanship in every piece of product.


Purely Handcrafted Products with Quality Material

All of our collections are purely handmade in Pakistan. To enhance the priceless worth of our heirs, we are already an authentic part of the legacy of traditional Pakistan handcrafted footwear, which has its hub in different areas. We aim at bringing the perfect harmony between modern technology and a never-ending handmade leather shoe-making tradition. We present luxury leather shoe-making distinction to the global market with our top-quality materials.


Expert Artisans, Remarkable Finish

Valanti boasts of having the best artisans who work tirelessly to improve their techniques making themselves laced with the best equipment. Their foremost priority is to use only material that ensures durability and comfort. Each single finished pair is crafted by the skilled hands of artisans to create a unique and remarkable finishing effect to turn the heads of buyers and those who value fashion with quality. Over the past few decades, we have handcrafted leather products including cow off brush leather, tanned leather, and Suede leather finished by hand, using raw materials following the footsteps of a long tradition. With our best dedication and devotion, exporting the best products to everyone not only in Pakistan but all over the world.


Leading Hub among Luxury leather products Manufacturers

Being a leading hub among luxury leather goods manufacturing brands, we focus on the new necessities and the highest quality standards of the market to give a new level to modern leather shoe-making techniques. We keep an eye on all the new highlights in our surrounding industries and develop a new way of thinking about Valanti luxury leather goods to meet everyday requirements in the best possible way. All of our products are made of the most precious materials and are comfortable to wear. 
Elegance and quality are the essence of our product on which no compromise is ever made. We live in every single handcrafted product because we feel emotions by wearing all the shoes born from an inseparable pairing. We carefully combine class, comfort, and style between highly skilled handicrafts and valuable materials. 


Our Mission

We're proud to offer a strong legacy of craftsmanship that you can be proud to own! We have been in business for over years and have built a reputation for quality and excellence. The core value that Valanti upholds is "A commitment to the highest standards."

Our motto is "The Best Of The Best" and our slogan is "The Pursuit of Perfection". We are constantly striving to improve our products and services and always looking for ways to exceed our customers' expectations.


Valanti is on the mission to offer exclusively tailored products, Bags, Wallets, Belts, Ladies, leather Shoes, men's shoe Loafers, Moccasin and Peshawari Chappal, etc. All of the designs are characterized by the best heritage Pakistan manufacturing touch! We never compromise on high professional standards in customer relationships, and respect for tradition. Providing quality, Valanti doesn't grab your fortune, because, besides the quality of the materials, our mission is to maintain favorable prices for ordinary customers in every rural or urban area. 


Our Vision

In the world of ever-increasing digital technology and e-commerce marketing, we envision and strive for perfection in all the products we craft. Pakistan, since its creation in 1947, and before that time, United India, all this region has been the hub of the best manufacturing industries; we envision reviving the heritage while producing contemporary fashion to every nook and corner of the global market.
We seek to deliver cutting-edge solutions and achieve perfection in everything we do by providing our customers the best handmade products which the world is lacking with every passing day due to the increasing popularity of the brand and generating maximum sales. We are committed to expanding across the globe in the field of the e-Commerce market and it is our priority to bring the best quality products in the market crafted by our skilled craftsmen to serve the Pakistani Market, enhancing the living standards with all the cutting-edge products that are in demand in the modern day fashion industry.

 We envision standing by you on every occasion and ceremony with the best-handcrafted products in your hand to make you stand out in the crowd making your choice and standard whole easier.